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How Fear Works

And this too helps us to bridge the gap between living and withholding.

Fear may be the one thing we need to understand to help us get unstuck.

Most of our challenges and struggles come from being stuck.

In the past, in our expectations, in our moods, in our ruts.

Fear is the glue that keeps us there.

Not that fear is bad. Fear is needed.

Fear helps us to survive. To color our world with choices.

When we fear something real or not real, it's the same response.

What is most needed when it comes to fear is discernment.

What is needed? Can I thank my fear for trying to protect me?

What underlies my fear? How can I care for myself?

What would it be like to lean into fear? To explore its depths?

To not turn away? To not desert yourself?

And perhaps the most mysterious thing of all is how we fear for fear's sake.


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