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How to Celebrate Your Birthday

Birthdays have so many ways of shifting our perspective.

Each of us responds so uniquely to this circle around the sun.

How do you show up for you on your birthday?

Where are you on the Celebration Spectrum?

Want to hide and let it slip by, not acknowledging what it means in your life?

Or perhaps on the other end, wanting to let everyone know there is a weeklong party?

Reflection reminds me to pause and check in.

And I really love to celebrate.

This year I am with family on the coast of Connecticut.

Just playing. And resting. And dreaming.

Make it an extra special remembrance and reflect on the meaning behind the year.

I invite you to make a little more of your birthday this time around.

Be intentional. With kind reflection on your years.

What makes the shift from "just another year" to "extra special" is meaning.

What drives you? What leads your life?

Is life passing you by a little? Or are you living well- (mostly??

Perhaps it's a fine mix of reverie and loss.

I highly recommend taking the week to linger and bring in all the things that enliven you.

What is special about you?

What connects you to something transformative, life-giving, hopeful?

What practices help you to celebrate?


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