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How to Keep it Simple

Wintertime is awesome for some of us.

And not so awesome for a lot of us.

We tend to "wait for spring."

But perhaps we can linger in the simplicity of winter.

What does that mean exactly?

It means to savor the wan light, the long nights, and the extra quiet.

We have to notice this first.

To pause and sense and feel the cold air and the stark landscape.

You may or may not "like" winter, but the most important thing is to connect to time.

To notice the change of seasons.

To not lose your connection to the outdoors.

To appreciate the slower pace, if you choose to notice.

This practice is subtle and sweet.

Try this- "schedule" on your calendar 3 days a week to pause and notice sunset.

Just stand at your front door and look outside. (look up exact time of sunset).

Then schedule your 5 minute pause a little before that.

Just look at the sky and breathe.


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