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Love Lingers Here

What happens when you offer your best self? And for whom do you lean in with? Who calls you to your highest integrity? And what contributes to the slipping away? The times when you simply can't step up to the moment?

What is love that pulls us toward each other anyway?

Love is the space between fear and hope. The opening between despair and acceptance. We know that to live is to love. It is our most foundational "beingness" of our time here.

But we can't seem to define it. And we can't seem to stay emboldened by love. So much pulls us away from love. Is this so that we can be reminded of love? Reminded to come home? To come together?

And what helps us to love? To gather back into that higher integrity?

Practice. The practices that support us to wake up and be intentional about how we want to show up. Practices that show us how open or closed we are. Practices that re-inspire our commitments to live well and listen more keenly. Practices that remind us when we are slipping away from love.

Perhaps this is a good reminder to recommit to love.

To choose the practices that help you to show up with great and true love.


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