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Making Meaning

Living a life of meaning is directly related to well being.

Yet that doesn't mean our lives suddenly become easy.

Our lives can become two dimensional when we are hyper focused on managing our lives.

But when we come back to what brings us to deep faith and trust, we widen.

Our world expands three dimensionally and some sense of flow begins to happen.

Equanimity flows. Kindness flows. Receptivity flows.

How do we know what gives our lives meaning?

How is that different from being happy?

Purpose. Why are you here? Most of us might need to pause and consider this.

It's worth some keen examination.

What are your values? What is your bottom-line integrity about?

Instead of trying to make yourself happy (not a bad thing, just not complete),

try listening to your core calling. The juice of your life.

What settles in your heart like truth?

When life becomes deeply challenged, our purpose sustains us.

Our rich well of support calms and soothes when nothing else will.

What matters to you?


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