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Meditation in Motion

Meditation has a difficult connotation for some of us.

It's Dry. Confusing. Hard.

Why should I meditate?

It's a practice. That's why.

It's not to change you.

Or to fix you. Or to make you enlightened.

It's to help you live well.

To help you live with the life you have.

But we don't see or feel that immediately do we?

Have you ever tried to sit?

Or are you struggling with the practice?

Lately I've been "meditating" in other ways.

Meditation in Motion.

A beautiful concept that is completely forgiving.

Asks us to be present with our life in a kind, respectful way.

Anything can be a path of Mindful Meditation.

Gardening. Writing. Movement. Walking.

How about Kayaking?

I was recently on the coast of CT and paddling called to me daily.

There I was better able to focus on the moment.

From there, a bit of clarity and calm arises.

Rhythm. Nature. All of my challenges soothed into waves and light.

This concept of meditative flow stems from my Kripalu roots.

Allowing. Being. Feeling.

What might allow you to just be for awhile?

20 minutes. Just an easy, no-big-deal kind of break from ruminating.

Let it be a bit spontaneous. Unplanned. Unrooted. Divine.


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