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Waiting for Spring

It's been a long winter. I don't think anyone would argue with that.

So now what? What are you looking forward to? How are you coping? Are you tired of discussing Covid and all of the varying opinions about masks and vaccines?

Perhaps what is needed is a little reprieve. And maybe not the typical kind of respite.

Instead of dreaming of white beaches, (although they are quite nice) maybe we can be in our lives a little more fully and graciously.

What does that mean? Well, maybe your intention for the day can be to "see" more of the day. To "feel" more of the kinder moments. To "breathe" with a little more ease.

How will I thrive?

How will I encourage myself?

How will I ask others' for positive feedback?

Maybe a little dreaming of white beaches is good too:)

As you wait for spring to arrive, reflect on shifting your day to include more of what you love, more of what will support you, and more of what connects you to others.'

And perhaps join us for Sunday Morning Meditation for a little pick-me-up inspiration.

Be well lovelies.


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