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When Happiness Isn't Enough

Your life is a treasure of unexplored joys and potential for healing.

How does seeking happiness get in the way?

We need all of our emotions. We need all of our experiences.

We may not like them or understand them.

But our untended anger, disappointment, and grief

are all important to our human "beingness."

Unrealistic goals toward love and an untethered positive life sets us up for failure.

But when we allow ourselves to be a bit of the underdog on any given day,

we are actually releasing control and tendencies toward perfection.

We are allowing life to be as it is.

When happiness isn't enough, we know that we are off track.

That we are trying too hard. That we're missing out on what is actually here.

We've lost presence.

I love when I remember this. I pause. Let my shoulders soften.

I breathe in a kind word. And I notice the life that is right here.

My wonderful, perfectly imperfect life.

Yours, too, is right here. Not always happy. But ok as it is.


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