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Hello. I'm Stephanee.

Life is changing and shifting.

I am taking a partial sabbatical

from my in-person therapy options.

Personal life changes are calling me

to pause and re-envision.


Let's grow and transform together.

I have some fun surprises for you!

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You Are Welcome Here.

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Advanced Self-Care for Real Life.

This mentorship program is vibrant and life-enhancing and ever-evolving.

Everything here is rich in content with weekly updates and live events.

Choose Sunrise or Moonrise for the just-right membership for you.

Shooting Stars- an ala carte menu, allows you to add on events and products each month.

 Affordable Membership. Sliding Scale Options for Add-Ons.

Join me in this Life Adventure!

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"Stephanee was absolutely wonderful.

I love her approach to healing, and

I would recommend her to anyone."

—  K.H.


Stephanee Howell, founder of Yoga From The Heart, offers therapeutic services that bridge the gap between traditional therapy and yoga therapy, from healthcare to community care.
Stephanee encourages her clients and students to be inspired by their potential for resiliency. Her history of nursing and current work as a hospice volunteer inform her Kripalu-based teaching style, creating a serene and meditative experience.
She helps students to develop integral qualities such as emotional intelligence and mindfulness, fluid from mat to life.
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Why lifestyle | yoga therapy?

I am on a partial sabbatical from my private practice for now. Please message me for more info. Classical yoga techniques and elements of trauma-informed, contemporary body-mind psychology encourage self-agency, empowering you toward change. What does this mean for you? You create fresh possibilities for living with more ease. You begin to gain insight into your life, and it begins to makes more sense. You replenish trust in yourself again. Bodywork. In-depth care. Body | mind practices. You will explore yourself in a new and unique way. Each session is a rich mix of inquiry, self-care, and nurturing. My work is in kinship with traditional therapy, massage therapy, and energy work. Yoga therapy, yoga classes, and meditation are all offered with a virtual option. I observe strict Covid precautions in-house. I offer a robust virtual platform with a focus on connection and accessibility.

What motivates you to do this work?

As a nurse, I felt the gap in health care where comprehensive whole-person care was incomplete. I clarified my vision through integrative training in transpersonal psychology and yoga therapy as a way to bridge that gap. I am motivated by witnessing clients’ healing journeys through empowerment, self-care and hope that is real and inspired by self-compassion. You are more than your illness or perceived character flaws. This work is about healing and living the full breadth of your life.

What is your vision?

My vision is to integrate yoga, yoga therapy and wellness practices into underserved communities, particularly those touched by cancer and trauma. Therapeutic yoga and mindfulness practices are an essential component in an integrated health and wellness plan and should be accessible to all.

What can I expect from my Lifestyle Mentorship Membership?

I take the best of my Lifestyle Therapy work and create practices for well-being. Advanced Self-Care for Real Life. Body | mind practices. Self Study. You will explore yourself in a new and unique way. A rich mix of inquiry, self-care, and nurturing. My work meets you where you are.

What is the difference between the Sunrise and Moonrise Lifestyle Memberships?

Both membership plans support your wellness journey. Filled with videos, practices, resources, playtime!, and personalized content. Sunrise- guided wellness practices mini yoga library photo journal inspiration weekly email surprises Moonrise- guided lifestyle practices yoga and meditation library self-study lifestyle ebooks all sunrise content In addition, Shooting Stars is an A La Carte offering for both memberships. It includes live events and more content. I'm excited to offer this with a sliding scale.

How do I know if these Self-Study Practices are right for me?

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Do you want to feel better, but you're not quite sure how? Do you feel stuck in old patterns, like life is not living up to your expectations? Do you want to connect and refresh and re-envision? • alleviate anxiety & depression • restore balance & relieve stress • manage chronic trauma & chronic pain • initiate change & self-care

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