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Walking in this World

The beautiful metaphor of walking in this world is about taking simple steps.

Walking easy in this life is not always accessible.

So what is gracious when we feel ungrounded and unsettled?

Perhaps uncared for in some way?

Walking graciously invites us into a timeless world.

One where we meet ourselves where we are.

This invitation is about "seeing" ourselves anew.

About true listening.

Perhaps the literal walk in the woods is best known for its simplicity.

For its "balm to soul" qualities.

Self-perception and self-relational attitudes are improved.

We walk ourselves into a better state.

But when walking is not available, what then?


And the Buddha taught the kind practices of stepping toward our troubles.

When we go for a walk, we are engaged with our senses.

Being in our bodies invites a new cadence for our minds.

We gain clarity and a fresh ability to be in our lives without the same old story.

Walk fresh. Walk limitless. Walk with body, mind and heart.


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