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Easter. Kindness. Beginnings.

What does it mean to enter into this rite of spring? What is new and full of possibility? This holiday has many layers of meaning, and it reminds us that no matter what we "believe," we have this interconnected way of expressing hope and renewal. The Christian tradition offers redemption on Easter. The pagan tradition connects resurrection and rebirth. And of course, bunnies and eggs represent fertility and the return of the sun.

What are you rebirthing? How does your life follow the sun? What is perfectly imperfect?

Enjoy this sweet inspiration from David Whyte-


A garden inside me, unknown, secret, neglected for years, the layers of its soil deep and thick, trees in the corners with branching arms and the tangled briars like broken nets.

Sunrise through the misted orchard, morning sun turns silver on the pointed twigs, I have woken from the sleep of ages and I am not sure if I am really seeing, or dreaming, or simply astonished walking towards sunrise to have stumbled into the garden where the stone was rolled from the tomb of longing.


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