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Self care- A Timeless Plan

It's a fabulous time of year for reflection and quiet and inner listening.

But that sense of ease and slow-paced introspection doesn't come easily this time of year.

Our priorities are more intense. We have holidays and we tend to many obligations.

So many duties call as we prepare for the new year.

How can we retreat in a way that allows for life as it is?

3 Helpful Hopeful Offerings-

Moment to moment self care.

A practical plan.

A check in with intention.

Simply pause when you remember you are overwhelmed or unsteady.

Plan small and meaningful moments of quiet joy.

And check in with what you truly want under all of the festivities of the season.

It's ok to need our own truths to ring in the new year.

Enjoy your holiday! An opportunity for wisdom and light and calm.


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