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What is Enough?

We hear a lot about our personal worth.

Are we good enough?

Do we understand that we are not what we see and feel and know?

That we have a foundation that is ripe with steadiness?

This is why we practice.

To understand that our own truth is enough.

That we have the perennial wisdom.

Whether we know it or not.

Especially when we don't know.

That's when we know.

This sounds like a Buddhist koan.

This is what it means to say, "I Am Enough."

Not an egoistic puffing up.

But rather a deep humility that calls on the kinder realms of trust and dignity.

When the self-doubts seep in, remember to pause and unravel negative self-talk.

Overwhelm and diminishment are part of your practice.

What is most important is to tether yourself to the workings of self-awareness.

Not so much self-perfection.


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