Why Cook?

I've been reigniting a creative outlet for peace and self care. Cooking!

I love to cook. But- we all know the challenge of complacency and slipping into bad habits:)

If you don't like to cook or if you feel in a rut in the kitchen, what do you do?

Sure, take out meals are fun. But do they help you meet your health needs?

Are you struggling with health issues, weight, or differing food needs in your household?

I'm not going to suggest you start a diet or set new goals.

Rather- I suggest you play in the kitchen!

I had fun with my recipe app- Paprika- an excellent digital recipe manager I've been using for years. I decided to get re-inspired with cooking and eating healthfully by making Peach Cobbler with Mascarpone Whipped Cream! Yes, that's right:)

Begin again with the things you love and perhaps by entertaining and by trying new foods and/or recipes. Organize your recipes. Clean out recipes you don't make and try new ideas!

I made several yummy new recipes for guests this past week. And I began with something I don't normally do, make desserts. I made homemade Goat Cheese Mousse with Roa