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A Simple Walk in the Woods

Maybe you never even walk around the block.

Maybe you love to just stroll through Target.

Maybe you have mobility issues that prevent walking.

Maybe you get bored and wonder why you would walk with no destination.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.....

It's quite possible I have been saved by walking.

Maybe you might consider a little stroll for no reason to be saved too.

It's a radical act to do something for the sake of doing it.

For not having a goal.

For giving up on being productive for a little while.

For the tiniest pause in an overscheduled life.

I'm simply inviting you to try a little walk in the woods.

To see the seasons change in real time.

To feel the hot breeze in your face.

To hear the cadence of the cicadas rise and fall.

To know yourself through your direct experience.

Can you let go just a little more?

Not walking for exercise.

Not walking for accomplishment.

Not walking for destination.

Not walking for self-improvement.

Just walking.

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Hi, the Woodlands article would not load. It is time to take a walk in the woods. 🌲

Me gusta
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