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When you take a peek at your life from the inside, what do you see?

What do you feel? What do you know?

And most importantly, what is new?

What is the same old stuff rattling around?

And what new interest or divergence is settling in?

What "life era" is showing up?

These kinds of reflections are invaluable.

They prevent us from missing the most important truths about ourselves.

What is most needed? What is asking to be seen?

What is the next choice to be made?

What direction am I going in?

And is it wise?

When we dare to pause, we begin a long journey toward truth.

And it's well worth it.

We excavate. We lay bare the wintering of our soul.

Is it your time to seek or to rest?

To know or to listen?

To be or become?

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Thank you for introducing me to Kim Rosen’s poetry.

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