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About Beauty

You may have a few ideas about beauty- what it is and what it isn't.

You may have certain preferences and consider some people

and places particularly beautiful.

Certainly true and valid in your experience.

However, another way to see beauty is about seeing in new ways.

It's about seeing beauty as a spiritual practice.

It's not only what you see, but how you present yourself in the world.

It's how you wish to show up. Gracious? Kind? Merciful?

Beauty and the practice of beauty are inspired by awe and wonder.

And by shifting moments of our day into an observant pause.

To notice. To feel. To allow. To breathe.

To respark our inherent beauty from the inside out.

May you engage in the practice of beauty.

May you sense a beauteous world around you.

May you reinspire your own beautiful practice.


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