Finding Rest

How do you find rest? How do you define the difference between rest and sleep? How do you "down shift?" How do you "relax?" What is the most uniquely-you-kind-of-way to rejuvenate? Rest is so elusive. Especially with our collective anxiety and uncertainty. Why are we so unclear about our future right now? Is it because of Covid? Our political climate?

Maybe we're noticing our deep need to slow down and realign with "what is important?"

We're taking on too much and trying to feel everything. So how do we realign?

Sleep and rest are not the same thing. I recently weaved in Tea time with Play time- just a few moments in the middle of the maelstrom to regain balance and to feel joy. Pure joy. Not pleasure seeking. Not a quick fix. Not a distraction.

The secret is simplicity. And creating your own unique way to simply pause.

We don't always know what we need though. We are numb and/or overwhelmed.