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Forgive Your Missed Steps

Ever feel like you can't quite get it all right? And what is that anyway?

Striving is all too common.

And the more we feel behind or not good enough, the harder we work.

But maybe we don't really "get anywhere."

But maybe we don't work wisely. Or we get waylaid easily.

Distracted. Procrastinating. A little lost.

Maybe you're trying too hard. Work smarter not harder.

And what does this have to do with forgiveness?

We can't always keep up with change.

That's the underlying resistance. What about balance?

Loving with releasing. Trying to be who we want to be with who we actually are.

So this balance of awareness and compassion is what allows us to ease up.

To forgive all of the lost ways, missteps, lingering unmet longings.

A little stepping back is what may actually be needed.

Simply showing up to our lives. What a radical way to witness this fragile life.


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