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Why Self-Compassion is Your Superpower

Low self worth is rampant these days. And with the one year anniversary of Covid 19, unworthiness has been steadily increasing in our isolation. We're trying so hard to come back to something that looks normal. Sometimes we try to overcompensate with unrealistic standards for ourselves. This only makes us more tired and uncertain. It's easy to misunderstand true self care as self indulgent. Working harder is not always the answer. Working smarter with a better balance of doing and being is more skillful, helpful, and wise.

Try what may seem counterintuitive at first. Rest. Checking in frequently. Checking in with your intention under all of the doing. How do I want to feel? What do I want to experience?

This kind of inquiry helps us to improve our relationship with ourself. And with that clarity we can live well with perspective and vision that allows for our humanness in the age of a pandemic. Real. Raw. Reimagining. We're all doing our best.

Check out Kristin Neff and her powerful little book about weaving a kinder and more well rounded self image into your life.

Try joining in community to steady yourself, find balance, and encourage equanimity. Our weekly gathering may be a simple and supportive 30 minutes to help you be a little more kind to yourself. Guided Reflection Practice.


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