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Resources for Adaptability

What is resourcing and how will it help me?

This is a new term for an ancient practice.

A practice of connection and self-care.

Resourcing is a direct and practical way to manage a host of overwhelming symptoms.

These practices help us to adapt to ongoing stress and pain.

Trauma has become a buzzword.

However, most of us have had challenges that give us ongoing challenges.

Whether or not this is defined as trauma, the practice of resourcing is beneficial to all of us.

Gathering tools for our life-long tool bag is skillful, practical, and successful.

What tools help you to self regulate? What helps you?

And how do you know this?

Learning about how you respond to stress is essential to learn what tools help.

Practice developing and honing the life skills for managing your stress tone.

Another way in. Another way of deep self-care.


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