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Heartbroken for the World

It's rough out there. So much seems overwhelming and confusing.

And the hardest part is that it's not unusual to see the world that way.

It's often out of sorts and spotlighting the worst in human behavior.

And now? Worse still. Unprecedented chaos.

Feeling weary? Upset? Sad? Want to run away?

However, spring is here. This is not trite or banal.

This is fierce hope. And you too, can show hope in action.

Small moments of deep peace. Tiny offerings of a pure heart.

Change your community and offer your truth as a cure.

Show your deepest integrity and your emotional intelligence.

Be real. Be present. Be open.

Heartbreak is actually very healing. It calls us to show up more.

To not run away, but to understand our connection to others' is vital.

Unequivocal in its grit and grace, this love is unconditional and meets hate with equanimity.

Allow yourself to feel heartbroken. Then reach out to someone or something you care about.


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