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How It Will Be

We want to know how it is.

How it was.

How it will be.

We want to know.

We want control.

Bottom line- we are uncomfortable with uncertainty.

What will happen?

What needs to happen?

What is changing and how can I change only the things I want to change?

Getting real is about noticing our fears, our questions, and our discomfort.

But shift happens when we begin to accept all of the strange and unfamiliar and unpredictable aspects of our lives. The wild details begin to make sense in an odd way.

We begin to live the questions rather than strain and struggle to answer them.

What questions are you asking? What is most pressing?

What is weird? Undesirable? Hard to accept?

You really can't know it all. Really!

So create a little space to "allow" the questions some breathing room.

Let life be weird.

The difficult can also be filled with possibility and may spark new questions.

What's weird in your life?


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