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Living Well is Enough

Ever wonder what it would be like to live more simply?

To get to the essence of your life? And to know this was enough?

We tend to strive for more and more.

And even if it's not about material gain, it's about gain.

In all of the great traditions, being with "what is" gives us well being.

And being with what is comes more naturally with living simply.

When we live more simply, we touch on what is most important.


Do you know what it's like to not need anything?

To jump off of the consumer wheel and to love life as it is?

We all could use a little reminder that life can move gently.

That we are more quiet inside than we realize.

That our outer life can be in tune to our inner life.

When we know that our life is enough and what we have is enough-

we learn that we are enough. No striving. Just being. And growing.

And transforming from the inside out. Rather than the outside in.

Try a little releasing. A little just being. A little less accumulating.

A little more inner okness.


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