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Lovingkindness- Why it Matters

At first, lovingkindness practice may seem a little sentimental.

A little superficial.

However- this deep, difficult practice is one of your superpowers.

When we practice creating loving intentions, we can shift our tendency to be unkind.

Our natural defenses and unmet needs need to be addressed with kindness.

It's the only way in. It's the only way out.

Ever wonder why we react rather than respond?

Ever notice how out of sync we can be with our emotional responses?

Ever question how to show up in a better way?

Reflection. Intention. Practice.

These subtle practices are powerhouses of character, resiliency, and integrity.

Pause and hold yourself kindly.

Especially when life reveals bitterness, despair, and the need for forgiveness.

Offer up your intention to not cause harm.

Offer up healing to your scars, blind spots, and reactive behaviors.

Then sit with the practice of metta, of strengthening intention, and quiet.


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