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New Challenges. Begin Again.

When life gets particularly sticky, why is that? What makes it harder than other difficulties?

*Most likely it's because the old ways of coping don't work.

*Or perhaps it's a completely different kind of challenge.

*Or maybe you're just too tired and frazzled to understand what is happening.

As we get ready to move into a new time of the year, and Covid issues are coming up again, and we question our readiness for fall, where are you in feeling called to meet your own challenges?

If any of those scenarios speak to you, remember the trust in your practices.

Whatever those might be. Call on the little tools in your toolbag that aren't so special.

Why?? Because they remind you to start at the beginning. To come back to the basics.

When my yoga practice feels dull or I am simply too confused to problem solve, I am humbled into beginning again.

All great spiritual teachers remind us to always begin again.

To "come back to the mat" with beginner's mind.

This also helps to remind us that we don't always have the answers.

And that's ok. We're not meant to go it all alone.

Start back with simple practices that help you begin again.

To start over with presence.

This is grace in action.


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