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Season of Light

A subtle time of year awaits under all of the overwhelm and busyness.

It is daring in its quiet reminder that there is more to this season than holiday glitz.

It has something to do with connection.

Something to do with reflection.

Something to do with care.

No matter your religious or cultural affinity, it's ok to be contemplative.

To inquire about the meaning of transition, transformation, seasonal change.

Our human nature is to question and connect with the mood of our hearts.

We need comfort and meaning.

Each tradition from Christmas to Kwanzaa all speak to the darkest time of the year.

How will you connect to "what is most important" to you this year?

How will you go below the bustling days and pause in reverence?

What is most meaningful and hopeful?

What is traditional and how are you making memories?

How will you pause and notice the deep shift to winter?

How will you capture the light in your heart and pass it on?

From advent candles of the Christian faith to solstice Kachina rituals of the Hopi Indians.

What is transcendent and wise?


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