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The Art of Attention

We speak a lot about being present and the importance of taking a break.

Of taking a breath. Of taking a moment to receive.

However, how do we personalize this? Why and how and when?

And what does it mean to be gracious and hopeful and connected?

The art of attention speaks to process rather than outcome.

It gives us the perspective of personal choice, showing us our blind spots.

Paying attention gives us time, liminal time to reflect and hold lightly.

The personal aspect of this is crucial. We can't tell each other how to do this.

And in that, we understand there is no right way or wrong way.

When we lean into our own intuitive awareness, we understand how to be.

This is the art of paying attention.

Remember that you are the wise one. You are the guru. You are the doing part of being.

You have the tools you need when you learn how to be you. When you learn who you are.

The art of paying attention is so deeply personalized. You unravel who you are not.

Play and listen and dream and create and allow for not knowing.


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