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The Call to Care

I wonder about the great connections we sense with each other.

I wonder how we are called to lean toward each other's hurting worlds.

I wonder why we create impact by simply being present for suffering.

I have been called to care for a dear friend on a cancer journey.

I am here. That is all.

And yet- it is so much more.

The deep presence to allow compassion is a rich task.

I am surprised by own vulnerability- even though I "know" this.

There are many layers of hope and fear that continue to invite me to let be.

Soften. Allow. Breathe. Open. Care.

My friend seems to know these cycles now on soul level.

She shares her process with unabashed simplicity of heart.

I am in awe of her clarity and resolve to meet each moment.

I am deeply humbled by how we meet each day and each challenge with gratitude.

I am sweetened by her humor and her unwavering commitment to wholeness.

This is what it means to connect, to heal, to love, to hold lightly.


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