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True Mindfulness

A peaceful life sounds wonderful doesn't it?

But blissed out happiness isn't what it's made out to be.

What is more powerful is to love the life you have.

The whole messy, not-so-happy, imperfect life.

This is what it means to live mindfully.

With this practice, happiness isn't as important.

Or rather, what we typically think of as happiness.

It's about not creating, but instead, settling in.

It's really ok to stop and feel everything.

You may think you will be overwhelmed by it all.

And that may be true- at first.

But our resilience and capacity to hold more begins to grow.

This is what it means to be present. Fully here and allowing.

Being open and growing our ability to respond.

Living mindfully is a simple tool for skillful living, created with great care.

Yet it's not so easy. We have to re-remember again and again.

The ultimate life practice, experience, and hope.

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Jacqueline Risley
Jacqueline Risley
13 ביוני 2022


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