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Wellness Redefined

Wellness is an overused word.

And the wellness industry is a multi billion dollar industry.

What does it do? Who does it serve?

How did this industry become so entrenched in our lives?

Perhaps it may be more prudent to be watchful and discerning when it comes to our health and well being, more forgiving and less well defined.

Health is not only about our bodies and minds, but also our social situations, our community engagement, and our deeply engrained cultural norms and habits.

I suggest simply pausing in your "self-care regimen" and ask a few honest questions.

Is this really what I want to be doing?

Is this really what I need?

How can I bring service into my well-being plan?

How can I ease up on myself a little more?

Your effort and plans and dreams of being better, healthier, less fearful, more calm, etc. become part of the problem rather than supportive.

Get real. Get grounded. Get reflective.

These are the "real" tools for wellness.

You know more than the wellness industry.


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