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What is Changing?

We hear a lot about embracing change.

About going with the flow and being steady.

Does it really work that way?

Change is constant, continual, and relentless.

We do not have control over the things we think we do.

Yes- our resilience is stronger when we shift with the tide.

However- we fall into patterns of resistance and fear and distress.

We can ease the flow and pace of change in our lives through awareness.

Awareness of change itself.

We're much better suited to accepting hard changes when we notice.

Noticing with presence helps us to gain perspective.

To see that change is happening.

Most of the time, we don't even realize how change is affecting us.

This is how and why we become so frayed with anxiety.

The power of presence comes through many practices.

Choose your point of knowing by trusting yourself first.

Practice change-making through the most simple of practices.


Frequent time outs.

Frequent check ins.

Frequent reflections on "life as it is."

Allow yourself time to shift naturally.

It may be less harsh with kind attention and less resistance.


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