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What is Wellness?

What is wellness and why does it matter?

How did we come full circle in the wellness industry?

How is it we, as a culture, seem to focus heavily on wellness?

And yet, we can't really define it?

And yet, we feel it's as elusive as ever.

Is wellness synonymous with health?

And how do we achieve our desired state of wellness?

Perhaps we miss identifying our own unique state of wellness.

Perhaps wellness is not a prescription toward "being healthy."

Perhaps it's another way to shame ourselves into "not good enough."

Wellness, like many other powerful tools, becomes monetized and trite.

What is most revelatory is how little we know about true wellness.

Our way toward wellness is taking the time to redefine what is most important to us.

And this is characterized by our meaning of holistic health.

And also what is actually available to us socioeconomically.

Autonomy and self-agency are the tools of discernment.

From this place of personal truth, we are empowered to make choices right for us.

Regardless of what others might think of our choices.

Take some time to decide if your choices are truly right for you.


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