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What is Your Practice?

It's time for spring cleaning.

With the change of seasons comes a sweet opportunity for other changes.

What does it mean to recommit to practice?

And which practices are most noteworthy?

In this era of wellness where everything about self care is a buzzword,

it may be challenging to hear our own small voice in this billion dollar industry.

However, the bottom line is about not giving up our power.

This is the ultimate foundation for all "practices."

Listening to your inner voice becomes the most important "practice."

All the other practices are there to support this foundational tool.

Yoga, self-care, meditation, gardening, etc etc.

All of these practices are beneficial if they support you.

Otherwise they are just things you are doing to fill your time.

But with intention and "listening," they become your powerful tools.

Tools to support your own inner well of knowing.

Inner spring cleaning is about checking in.

What do I want to experience? What is meaningful to me?

Trust yourself.


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