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What Needs Tending?

We begin a new year with all of the expected reflections.

However, what is truly fresh? What is actually needed?

I urge you to not jump into goal setting.

Why? Especially when we notice how clearly we fall short.

As uncertainty grows in our collective world with Covid, maybe a pause is most fresh.

What actually needs tending? Maybe it's different than usual at a second glance.

What about self-forgiveness? What about staying steady?

What about allowing grief? What about exploring more stillness?

So, again- what is fresh? What needs tending?

Being truthful is the best gift of the season.

Honoring the life you're actually living is the best way to know what you love.

Listening to resistance, exhaustion, fear, and judgment is the best way to heal.

Tend to your life. Release fixing your life.

Wishing you all clear, hopeful, and grounded calm in the new year.


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