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When Fear Arises

We've had our share of frightening challenges these past few years.

Collectively. And of course, we also have personal challenges.

Fear is arguably one of the most difficult emotions to manage.

Why? Because some fears are real.

And it's hard to distinguish real fear from projected fear.

One of the most potent ways to manage fear is to lean into it.

To really get in there and learn about it.

What makes it tick? What gives it fire?

Only then can we make sense of it.

We actually receive clarity and care from the heart of what it means to be afraid.

Before trying to calm the fear and get rid of it, begin to sit with it.

That's different than feeding it and ruminating on it.

Being with it helps us to see it with a new freshness and lightness.

It tempers the fire, but shines its light in new ways.


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