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When It's Uncertain

How do you navigate the nitty gritty challenges?

The undercurrents of day in day out stress are not always evident.

And so managing the nuances of overwhelm become vital for well being.

We tend to think we are doing something wrong when we cannot self regulate.

But this kind of suffering is actually part of a well lived life.

How do we remember this when we're in it?

How do we soften the overwhelm?

How do we grow the skills needed to ride the waves?

What choices do we actually have?

Maybe it's more about undoing. Releasing control.

Meandering more. Trusting that we know how to live.

Paying attention to what is immediate. Drawing attention inward.

Not so much outward. Try honing your attention to what you know.

To how you are actually feeling rather than projecting into the future.

Overwhelm is part of our existence. And so is the wave of release.


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