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Why Can't I Meditate?

Let's talk about meditation. What is it? And why should I practice?

And why is it difficult? Why do many of us feel we can't meditate?

That it's just not right for us?

It's too much, too hard?

It's not helping. It's not enough.

Meditation has been a buzzword in the wellness industry.

It has become synonymous with stress relief.

However, meditation is a practice.

A simple, yet challenging one. Not because it's hard.

But because of our expectations.

Meditation invites us to practice being messy.

We can't skip steps to get to "stress relief."

The traditional 5 hindrances speak to all of our troubles.

-grasping-  wanting it to be different, pleasure

-aversion-  wanting it to be different, fear

-restlessness-  agitation, distraction

-sleepiness-  checking out, overwhelmed

-doubt- maybe there’s an easier way, I can’t do this

All of these difficulties are normal.

More than that, they are part of the practice.

The benefits of "sitting with" our troubles outweigh the difficulties.

Try kindness and patience and ease in your practice.

Try just being however you are for a little while.

Try adjusting your expectations.

Keep practicing above all else.

Gently. Kindly.


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