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Why Meditate?

Meditation has become a trendy practice. Why?

And is it really meditation?

If you've tried meditation, you probably wanted some measure of calm.

If you have been meditating a long while, you now realize that calm is only part of it.

Why? Because meditation is really about seeing clearly.

About seeing things as they are. Awareness.

And to hold it all, we practice calm abiding without judgment.

This is what meditation is. Sitting with what is. With kind attunement.

The practice invites a steadiness into our lives.

Consider ignoring everything you've heard about meditation and try it your own way.

What might it mean to your life to notice without judgment?

To have the equanimity to manage your life? To not miss the sweetness of the good times?

This is meditation. And mindfulness weaves into meditation to help us on the spot.

Meditation- the practice of staying with what is.

Mindfulness- where mind settles into the heart's intentions.

Calm becomes the benefit of calm abiding.

Try This-

Meditation in Real Life

*sit once a day (just a few minutes)

  • take your seat- physical and metaphorical

  • become attentive to your breath (or other anchor)

  • be kind when you notice distraction and return

  • there is no right or wrong

Mindfulness in Action

*pause 3 times during the day

  • simply notice what you are experiencing

  • what exactly captures your attention?

  • notice resistance- why?

  • there is no right or wrong


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