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Aging- An Exclusive View

Aging sneaks up on you. It's a topic that most of us shy away from. It's uncomfortable to face our shortened lives. But what if this age related decline is the portal to age related growth and transformation? It depends of course. On what decade you are in. What caregiving obligations you have. What your race and socioeconomic status is.

It's hard. And it's harder for some who don't have support.

What can you do to be more at ease with this? Is it ok to age?

What does it mean to "embrace" aging? Is that a myth?

I find that I begin this reflection in my own life, the number one thing of importance is to define these things for myself. To not shy away from being curious.

To realize the great care needed for myself.

We all want to show up and be there for all of our relationships. We want to be cared for.

I am traversing the healthcare system in search of help for family and friends in my life. I am learning very quickly how we must be our own advocates. There is not a path that is created equal for all.

I am also witnessing great strength and wisdom in my mentors. How my elders rely on the Great Mystery and dear friends.

I encourage you to dive into reflection.

Don't settle for what may sometimes seem like a dead-end road.

There is rich loamy ground in the wise heart of being an elder.

To notice the shift from considering aging to being deep in the process.

To research. To learn what is most important to you now.

To love where you are no matter what. And to reach out for help.

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