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Bedtime Rituals

Have you ever thought of bedtime as part of your spiritual practice?

What is spiritual hygiene? How do you cleanse?

How do you release from the day and prepare to begin again?

How do you truly rest?

Most of us have some issues with sleep.

And what about true self-care? And how do we make time for that?

Sleuth your way into a positive routine. One that promotes not only quality sleep.

But also a reconnection and a perspective shift.

How will you meet your day ahead? What are your intentions?

And how can you renew these precious bedtime moments into care for the soul?

The most important thing for me is mat time- yoga, and meditation.

And then tea and reading and gratitude journaling. Quiet.

Just a few moments to reset.

Just a few moments that are consistent and meaningful.

Find your most precious moments at bedtime.


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