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Easter & Tolerance

What does it mean to abide?

And how does this show up on religious holidays?

Perhaps we become more sensitive and tolerant as we age.

Perhaps we become more judgmental and doubtful as we age.

Where are you on the spectrum of change and tolerance?

Easter is one of those holidays where we are asked to listen.

To deepen our understanding of the world's diversity.

To be curious rather than participate in "othering."

Being clear on our own history and values is powerful.

This leads to a deeper integrity and wise action.

We become less divided into our "beliefs" and "their" beliefs.

Perhaps begin with what we all share.

A strong connection to each other and a wish for peace.

A celebration of the light returning and the grace of mystery.

May we all pause in quiet and reverence for all that brings us joy.

May we offer ourselves into service and to the interplay of community. May we all rejoice in our shared humanity.

Happy Easter if you celebrate Jesus.

Happy Spring if you celebrate the earth's turning.

Happy Passover if you celebrate Jewish liberation.

Happy Ramadan if you celebrate Allah.


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