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Journal to Freedom

Most of us have heard that journaling is good for us.

Promotes peace. Well-being. Clarity. Inner confidence.

However, most of us tend to struggle with this tool as well.


The simplest reason is resistance because it's not a habit.

It's not because you don't know what to write.

It's not because you can't focus.

It's not because you don't have anything to write about.

If it's not a habit, it may not be clear.

What should I write?

Journaling is linked to happiness and greater ease.

Journaling connects us to what is most important.

Journaling helps us to decrease rumination.

We don't write to fix things directly.

We write to learn and to clear the cyclical negativity.

Try again. Try writing.

Not in a fancy journal.

No expectations.

No need to write "about" anything.

Prompts. No prompts.

Just write.


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