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Family Time

Getting ready for the holidays?

Wondering about how to navigate family gatherings?

All of us have dynamics that are complex, touchy, and even heartbreaking.

How do you manage?

Most of us fall into avoidance, control, acquiescence, or confrontation.

What are your triggers? And how does that dictate how you react?

Many of us will bring big expectations along to our family gatherings this week.

These longings for warmth and connection are as rooted in us as green bean casserole!

Yet, we often experience a few tense conversations, misunderstandings, and judgments.

Disappointment can be seen as a call toward love. A deeper understanding of family.

Our own integrity is what matters most. How do you want to show up?

From there, we discern what needs we have. How do we care for ourselves?

Family triggers our unmet needs and our deepest desire for connection.

Yet this actually comes through our own capacity to give without expectation.

Practice this beautiful prayer-

"May I offer my love and care no matter how it's met- indifference, fear, hate."

From there, self-care is most important. This happens best with strong boundaries.

What boundaries are key for you to put in place this holiday?

How will you care for you? And still be able to offer care in complex relationships?

And most importantly, practice gratitude as a way to ground and calm.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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