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Find Your Way

Summer can be a time of easy, fresh, languorous days.

Maybe a vacation is in the planning.

Maybe some beach time. Or the mountains.

Or some down time.

And what about spontaneity?

What is so special about unplanned moments?

True presence lifts us up out of our day to day turbulence.

Our over-planning minds.

Our disappointment in not having control over everything.

This may be why our detailed vacations may not be completely fulfilling.

This is why some of our best memories may be the daydreamy moments on the porch.

With a loved one. A surprise visit.

A few hours of allowing dusk to come upon us.

You can't plan for spontaneous adventures.

But you can create space for them.

You can practice presence.

You can pause often.

You can notice your life moving gently along.

Enjoy a summer daydream.

Just for a few moments.

See what unfolds in a slow-moving intention.


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