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Homebody or Traveler?

I've always loved to travel.

However, travel has taken on new meaning.

Do you love to travel?

Or do you love nesting at home?

Selective traveling?

Or great adventurer?

I find that travel now is focused on family connection.

I used to love to "see the world."

To experience different cultures and environments.

I still love those experiences.

However, my spiritual life calls me to strengthen my family bonds.

And to deepen my practices.

And practice is about "living my yoga."

Meeting my life where it is. Laughing. Loving. Leaning in.

Travel feels like a living metaphor now-

leaving the comforts of home to experience new ways of seeing and being.

How do you live into your spiritual practice?

Consider your life a living metaphor.

How do you engage with your world?

With your immediate relationships and your extended experiences?

And how do your perspectives on being at home and experiencing life shift over time?


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