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Loneliness vs. Solitude

Ever feel depleted? Uncertain? Muddy? Confused? Sometimes these feelings come upon us. And the more we "try to figure them out" the more muddied and sticky they feel. These feelings may be a sign that shift is needed. Quiet. A longing that can't be named.

Seemingly opposite of what we may think we need.

Not so much fun and activity. More space and the not-so-fun check in with expectation.

Quiet is not the same thing as loneliness. Discomfort with quiet is not loneliness either.

Quiet allows for a deeper listening. The kind of listening not found in day to day activities.

The paradox lies in how quiet actually helps us to feel more deeply connected.

Integrated into the fabric of our lives. Clarifies our choices. Releases sorrows.

We're not passive anymore. We are living more fully in the felt sense of our experiences.

Next time you feel unsure and drawing away from being alone- reconsider.

The discomfort may actually be the signal to pause and relisten. To tend to the heart.


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