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Making Lists

"Making a list and checking it twice" and all that comes with it this time of year.

Are you planning and sorting and ruminating?

How can you bring a freshness, a lightness, a sweetness to this time of year?

Try something new and a little more meaningful in the season of light.

Making lists is soothing and clarifying and supportive.

And a little fun!

My New Lists to Inspire-

10 Ways You Know You Are Living Well

*I see the beauty around me

*I laugh more easily

*My heart "knows" what I need

*I'm less restless

*I take care of myself

*I plan tasks more effectively

*My walks are full of discoveries

*I resist doing things I don't love

*I enjoy the day-to-day details

*I remember to pause often

10 Things You Love About Your Life

*My deep relationships

*Two cats- Jake and Cato


*Opportunities to serve

*Living near the water

*Yoga and art practice every day

*Tending to my house plants