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Making Lists

"Making a list and checking it twice" and all that comes with it this time of year.

Are you planning and sorting and ruminating?

How can you bring a freshness, a lightness, a sweetness to this time of year?

Try something new and a little more meaningful in the season of light.

Making lists is soothing and clarifying and supportive.

And a little fun!

My New Lists to Inspire-

10 Ways You Know You Are Living Well

*I see the beauty around me

*I laugh more easily

*My heart "knows" what I need

*I'm less restless

*I take care of myself

*I plan tasks more effectively

*My walks are full of discoveries

*I resist doing things I don't love

*I enjoy the day-to-day details

*I remember to pause often

10 Things You Love About Your Life

*My deep relationships

*Two cats- Jake and Cato


*Opportunities to serve

*Living near the water

*Yoga and art practice every day

*Tending to my house plants

*Cooking big pots of soup

*My life's work of offering great care

*Always a new book to read

10 Most Meaningful Christmas Activities

*Quiet moments with music and my tree

*Wrapping gifts for loved ones

*Tending to my spiritual ideal

*Creating peace in my home

*Hot chocolate with minty marshmallows

*Finding stocking stuffers for my husband

*Mimosas on Christmas morning

*Honoring the solstice with prayers

*Sharing memories of past Christmases

*Seeing friends and family for celebration

*Making a beautiful meal on Christmas Eve

May the season inspire you to recreate what is most meaningful.

Resist the need to do more, have more, and to make it all perfect. Make lists to remind you of who you really are.


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