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Making Peace with Time

Ever feel like there's not enough time in the day?

Do you frequently feel like you're "catching up?"

Is there a feeling like you're missing out on something?

Stress and our endless self-improvement projects contribute to wanting more time.

But when we pause to take in gratitude and let things be for a moment,

time expands rather than contracts.

Mindfulness allows us to process more fully, so time doesn't "slip by."

And when we stop using the word "busy," we come to fully appreciate this priceless day.

Time is precious. Our lives are precious. And we forget.

When we allow the challenges of our lives to seep into our bones, we naturally arise.

Remember those vibrant moments when the world shook you up?

When you knew that all was different, all had changed?

Time stopped. Moved slowly. Shifted.

And to access this shift in quiet times is a gift.

This comes to us in nature. In gentle pauses. With kind refuge.

Come home to time's fullness and vitality with the opportunity of the season.

The moment at dusk, so brief, widens and allows us to shift.

But we need to notice.

How will you remember?

How will slip into time's embrace?


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