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Moon Lessons

The moon phases are like little life lessons.

Beginning with how they come in cycles.

And how they evoke a mood.

And how they remind us we are part of the Wild.

This recent lunar eclipse was extra noteworthy.

Not to be seen again for many years.

Auspicious. Notable. Mysterious.

The moon being in the earth's shadow reminds us to mark time.

It calls us to pause and to rethink our relationship to the stars and our lives.

As I woke early and sat under the blood red moon, I simply noticed.

And breathed. And did all the things I usually do.

With one noticeable difference. I connected to the knowing.

May you remember to look up every day.

To breathe in your connection to life and breathe out your questions.

As you watch the leaves fall this season, feel the ground beneath you and the sky above you.


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